If you enjoy rock and metal where the guitar is front and center and the playing is excellent, you should really enjoy III....Whether Allen is firing on all cylinders as in the blisteringly heavy "What Lies Beneath", which begins the album or the funkier "River Of Time" where the playing is less intense and just a little slower, the musicianship is never at the expense of a good melody making this a highly listenable instrumental album. Other highlights include the melodic "Dreaming" where Allen's slow burning lead work absolutely soars and the fine "Echoes Of Eternity" ending the album on a slower note with Allen's guitar lines demonstrating a precision and clarity that few musicians are able to attain

 Scott Allen may not be a household name yet like Richie Blackmore, Eddie Van Halen or even Yngwie Malmsteen but he plays with all the fire, power and intensity of any of these legendary Guitar Gods. There’s no doubt to my ears or anyone who has heard anything Scott Allen has done to date that Scott Allen is a very talented Guitar hero on the rise that has the potential to be just as known as any Guitar hero out there right now who has ever graced the cover of Guitar World Magazine.......Scott Allen could have put out an album which was nothing but a SHRED FEST to show off how fast he can play thank god he instead decided to release an album that showcases all his talent and influences where fans get an album where all 10 tracks here really stand out on their own, we get an album where there is no filler material but rather a full length 10 song CD full of nothing but killer material!

A fretboard frenzy feast for the guitar addicts and an eargasm for the Rock fanatics; that’s how I would sum it up! .........the High energetic instrumental Hard Rock is updated with many different colors, as Prog Metal/Latin Funk Metal (“River Of Time”) or Classic Rock (“The Texas Way”) very much in the same vein of Steve Vai/Joe Satriani and Co., with more edge and some episodic explosion of Metallic Shrapnels right in your ear (“My Aching Head”)!..........The flashy guitar fireworks and its blistering skills sparks are like magic spells (like in the Jeff Watson meets Vito Bratta two-hand tapping theme of 5th Street Strut), but the real focus is around the compositions more than anything else, the virtuosic leads and the dazzling solos are the shred-cherry on the top of the seducing harmonies cake!

This is high class instrumental progressive/neo-classical power metal. The first couple of songs are quite heavy, but afterwards we can hear some lovely melodic pieces. Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eddie van Halen and Dream Theater are clear influences and you can easily say that Scott is an amazing talent, who probably one day will join a major band, because he can deliver picture-perfect guitarwork from the heart.

Allen is a very technical and eclectic guitar player that has precise domain of his instrument, which he may either maneuver with furious Neo-classical complexity, or just play with soften sensibility. He also may add some hellish Hard-Rock grooves or highly-inspired Fusion-Rock swings to his riffs. Allen is closely followed by his band mates, who domain all licks and tricks of Hard, Fusion, and Metal, giving perfect support to the guitar solos, at the same time adding spice, embellishments, and more swing to the sonic mixture. The tightly engaged trio performs excellent compositions – vibrant and dynamic – which, mostly important, are held in tight and neat arrangements, with each musician having his own share of importance inside the music. My favorite tracks are those endowed with a Heavy-Metal power, richly adorned with Neo-Classical guitar brocades, such as the furious “What Lies Beneath” (4:12), which opens the album with a verve reminiscent of the duo “Marty Friedman” & “Jason Becker” (and their project “Cacophony”); “Shake It” (5:30) – a stable guitar-rock cathedral built on a series of rocky Metal riffs, and windowed with stained-glass guitar solos in neo-classical style; and “My Aching Head” (3:47) – an aggressive Thrash-Metal-Fusion (that recalled me of the works of “Jeff Loomis”, the heaviest Metal stuff of “M. Friedman” & “J. Becker”, and “Testament” with “Alex Skolnick”). Equally catchy are the Hard-Rock/Fusion tracks “5th Street Strut” (4:14) and “Into the Light” (4:49), which combine electric energy, groovy riffs, and eclectic free-flowing guitar solos propelled by pulsing bass lines and sturdy rocky drumming, recalling the sound of “Satriani”. Highlights for the swinging bass lines of “5th Street”, from which Allen decollates with his flying solos. Also following a Hard-Rock line, but verging the heritage of Blues-Rock (so approaching his idols “Van Halen”, “Le Tekrø”, “Sykes”, etc.), there are the uplifting “Inside Out” (5:34), driven by an adventurous pace; and “The Texas Way” (3:12), a 70’s Rock with a modern rhythmics way. For those inclined to lighter and most melodic dispositions, there are “River of Time” (4:10) (lively and groovy Fusion); and the half-acoustic ballads “Dreaming” (4:44) and “Echoes of Eternity” (5:10), both enlightened by soaring, sensitive solos. Full of Hard-Rocky punch, Metal initiative, and guitar acrobatics typical of the Fusion and Neo-classical styles, Scott Allen Project’s third album takes this amazing trio to a higher threshold in their career, being highly recommended for fans of “Van Halen”, “Joe Satriani”, “Steve Vai”, “Marty Friedman”, and all other monster-guitarists mentioned above.

"With heavy riffs setting the tone for many of his compositions, Allen utilizes some great Jeff beck-like blues phrases, Van Halen-like aggression, and a full palate of shred chops."

"Scott Allen's What Lies beyond Words is striking evidence that his is a guitar voice worthy of mention alongside the current giants in the instrumental guitar arena. If you dig players like Satriani or Petrucci, especially at their most melodic, Scott Allen will be right up your alley."

"What Lies Beyond Words is an album that invokes the spirit of a true guitarist's record, no neo-classical mannerisms, no overzealous keyboard playing, and no over the top arrangements, cause there is no need for them; Scott Allen plays his guitar like a singer would sing his lines, playing lyrical riffs, where the phrasing (& songwriting) is king. He brings back the days of the real guitar hero."

"Scott Allen, whose guitar playing prowess is exceptional, and who plays the kind of stuff you wish you could play...Highlights include "The Cool Breeze," "A Girl I Once Knew," and well just about all of the 11 songs."

"The band meshes well together, setting a fine rhythmic stage for Allen's razor edged arsenal of licks, bends, hooks and fills. Instrumental fans will find a lot to like here."

"This is your Heavy rockin' album with kickin' riffs great melodies and not forgetting some great flashy guitar work...I can't really decide on my favourite tracks on this album, because I honestly think they are all really good."

"Scott Allen is possibly one of the best guitarists around today."

"Can't stop listening to Scott Allen's new CD...as it keeps repeating in my player I get Steve Vai and Joe Satriani vibes...we haven't picked a favorite song and may not be able to. All the songs jump out and grab you with their riffs and subtle effects."

"Great, great, great!"

'This is one of those releases that have you eagerly awaiting the next song to see what it's like, because you love the track you are on so much. This CD is as solid as they come all the way through. Every song is good with no duds. It would be a shame if What Lies Beyond Words is not added to your music collection."

"Sacramento based instrumental guitarist Scott Allen creates blistering magic, weaving virtuoso stylings ala Satch with a flat out rock shredder soul that is uniquely Scott's."

"It's as if you take the influence of Eddie Van Halen, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, and Reb Beach, and blend them together."

"Scott Allen's sense of composition and wide-ranging guitar slinging skills separate him from most of the unknown and underground guitarists in the guitar-based instrumental genre."

"He has done a great work. I can say that I am waiting a lot for his next record."

"Here's a great guitar player from California...instrumental guitar based rock music, much comparable to Gary Hoey, Tony MaCalpine, Steve Vai."

"If you're a fan of instrumental guitar music then do yourself a favor and pick up What Lies Beyond Words by the Scott Allen Project which just might be the best instrumental guitar album to come along since Joe Satriani's Surfing With the Alien album."

"...the riffs are absolutely crushing and the leads dazzling...From the Blindside is a great example of how to do an instrumental guitar oriented rock album...mix in some ballads, some jazzy interludes, as well as a healthy assortment of driving anthems and blistering, metallic chops driven jaw-drop-o-ramas, and you have an exciting release from a very talented player."

"the title track sets the agenda with some cool harmonised guitar licks and riffing that really changes pace and feel as it progresses, with some fantastic unorthodox, darker sounding licks transitioning back to a positive feel.Excellent displays of fluid legato technique and some exceptionally fast shredding licks will be sure to keep your ears engaged, and that's something that is consistent throughout the whole album."

"this man is a guitar scholar as well as a fine studier of the top guitar players. Every song is so pleasant to listen to, there's no need to be a musician or a "know it all" to appreciate it. It's the magical recipe of albums such as "Mind's Eye" and 'Flying in a Blue Dream"..."

"If Satch-mo Satriani, Eric Johnson, Neil Schon, Tony MaCalpine, Steve Lukather, Metallica are in your music collection then you know what to do...This young gun has good writing sensibilities for this kind of Avante' guitar playing.I'm telling you...if you are  from the north where it's cold and rainy this time of year, this music will definitely brighten your wanting and waiting for spring days to come. Get in the car for a ride in the country. Roll the windows down and crank it!..There are a few songs on here that come right from the late 70's hit making machines...however, Scott takes these types of structures and turns them into modern masterpieces with his singing guitar solos."

"The Scott Allen Project is actually based around one musician, namely Scott Allen, who is basically playing all of the instruments (except for most of the Bass, which was done by Brian Kinney) on the new album "From the Blindside". we reviewed their previous record 3 years ago and now it is followed up by this new CD, which is filled with high quality instrumental Progressive Rock. The guitar work of Scott is excellent, just listen to the wonderful opening title track, which has some amazing guitar skills, with also a beautiful melody line, like a mix between Schon, MaCalpine, Joshua, and Van Halen...this CD is still a must have for any fan of instrumental guitar based melodic rock."

"It never ceases to amaze me what a plethora of outstandingly talented musicians there are out there that are waiting to be discovered by the music world, and California-based guitarist Scott Allen is one such example. A graduate of the world famous G.I.T (Musicians Institute in California), Allen has already opened for the likes of Eric Martin of Mr. Big and Planet X.;performs regularly at numerous guitar clinics, as well as being a guitar instructor and releasing two albums of work (of which this is the second) and an instructional DVD. One busy guy then! Packaged in a slick, rather pro-looking digipak, the album's title track'From the Blindside' guides the listener to the general leanings of the album, loaded with melodic singing guitar-lines, blinding fretwork, and skilled finger-tapping ala Satriani and Vai. Infused with infectiously groovy hooks, well placed wah-wah, 'Work in Progress' follows, displaying more musical prowess. With a clear classic rock and early Satch influence throughout (with titles like 'I'm Your Boogie Dude' additionally bringing to mind Satch's own 'Satch Boogie'), this makes for an enjoyable listen for any self respecting fan of solo rock guitar."

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