Scott Allen Project gear 

Scott Allen proudly uses:

Vigier Guitars -


These are the main guitars Scott uses. The first is a Vigier Excalibur Custom with Vigier Floyd Rose, an Alder body and 24 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard. The second is a Vigier Excalibur Supra 7 with a 24 Fret Maple fingerboard and Alder body. These are the main workhorses!

Dimarzio Pickups and Straps -


All of Scott's guitars feature Dimarzio Pickups and Straps. In the main Vigier Excalibur Custom the neck pickup is a FRED and the Bridge is an EVO2. In the Vigier Supra 7 there is a D-Sonic 7 in the bridge and a Liquifire 7 in the neck. All straps are Dimarzio cliplock straps.

Morley Pedals -


Featured on Scott's pedal board are the Morley Little Alligator volume pedal, and the Morley Bad Horsie Wah pedal.

SIT Strings -


All of Scott's guitars are strung with SIT strings. The Vigier Excalibur Custom is strung with SIT Power Wound strings .009-.042. On the Vigier Supra 7 the strings are SIT Power Wound 7 string set .009-.054.

George L Cables -


Scott's rig is wired with George L Cables. All the connections in the rack and all pedals and main cables are George L's.

Peavey Amplifiers -


Scott's main live rig consists of two amps. The Peavey Valveking is the dry amp, with the signal out of the rack. The Peavey 3120 is the effects amp with rack signal running in the effects loop. Both amps are used at the same time for maximum tone control.

The live Rig:



The live rig consists of a Peavey Valveking and Peavey 3120 as the main tone. In the rack there is a Furman Power Conditioner, Lexicon MPX-100 Multi Effects, DBX 166 Compressor/Limiter, and BBE 362 NR Sonic Maximizer/Noise Reducer. The pedals in the rack are a Boss DS-1 which is fed into the front of the Dry head, and a Boss HR-2 Harmonizer in the effects loop of the wet head. All rack effects and pedals are fed into a Custom Audio Electronics audio controller.

The Pedal Board:

The Pedal board consists of a Custom Audio Electronics RS-10 controller which controls all of the channel switching and effects switching. There is also a Morley Bad Horsie Wah, a Morley Little Alligator Volume pedal, and a Boss TU-12 tuner. All the cables are George L cables.


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Scott Allen Project supports Kingdom Come

Holy Diver, 1517 21st Street, Sacramento, California

Time to get it on as Scott Allen Project supports Kingdom Come at the Holy Diver in Sacramento! Doors are at 6:30 show starts at 7 pm. All ages! 



Scott Allen Project supports Uli Jon Roth

Holy Diver, 1517 21st Street, Sacramento, California

Scott Allen Project supports the legendary Uli Jon Roth for a night of six string fireworks. Don't miss it!

Pre Sell $18 day of show $20


Scott Allen Project show

Holy Diver, 1517 21st Street, Sacramento, California

Scott Allen Project rocks the stage performing songs from all three albums and some surprises. You don't want to miss this show! Get tickets at the link below:

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