TrueFire Indie Course

7 String Guitar for the 6 String Player

This new TrueFire Indie Course, 7 String Guitar for the 6 String Player focuses on how to transition from a 6 string guitar to a 7 string guitar. This covers adjusting Pentatonic and Diatonic scales, Rhythm guitar, Arpeggios and Sweep Picking and much more!

TrueFire Indie Course Rhythm Guitar Workshop

Rhythm Guitar Course

This is the new TrueFire Indie Course, Rhythm Guitar Workshop. This course covers rhythm guitar technique that apply to style such as: Rock, Metal, Alternative, Pop, Country, Funk, Reggae and much more!

Escape Velocity

Scott Allen Project's New ep 2020

The new Scott Allen Project release, Escape Velocity features the band at its heaviest and most progressive, but also its most diverse. Featuring special guest Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater/Sons of Apollo/Black Country Communion) on keyboards, Escape Velocity is the sound of a band just hitting its stride!


Scott Allen Project III

Scott allen project's third release

Scott Allen Project's brand new full length album featuring, What Lies Beneath, 5th Street Strut, The Texas Way and more!


Scott Allen Project - From the Blindside

Scott allen project's second release

Scott Allen Project's second full length album featuring the tracks: From the Blindside, Bodega, Work in Progress, I'm Your Boogie Dude and many more.


Scott Allen Project - What Lies Beyond Words

scott allen project's debut

This is Scott Allen Project's full length debut. The album was produced and engineered by Frank Hannon of Tesla and features the tracks: U Want Some of This,The Grind, Sapphire Sky, and many more.



Scott Allen - 50 Rock Virtuoso Licks You Must Know

This is Scott's first DVD course for Truefire. This covers all the licks you always wanted to know. Learn licks inspired by greats like: Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, Reb Beach, Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Randy Rhoads and many others. Available as a Data DVD or instant download.


Scott Allen 50 Rock Virtuoso Licks You Must Know (Download)
Scott Allen 50 Roc Virtuoso Licks You Must Know (Disc)

Mad Guitar Records - Melodic Soloists compilation

Mad Guitar Records artist compilation featuring tracks from Scott Allen, Magnus Olsen, Mr. Fastfinger, Guitarsnake and many others.


Mad Guitar Record Melodic Soloists

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